How to Use: The Resume editing capabilities in your Comoto Resume

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How to Use: The Resume editing capabilities in your Comoto Resume

By introducing the Spellchecker into Comoto we also introduced some other resume editing capabilities, which are present when you edit multi-line fields in your Resume. Below you can see a description of these and why not try it out and edit your own Resume. Resume editing

  • Remove formatting Remove all previous formatting from the marked text
  • Bold Make the selected text bold
  • Italic Make the selected text Italic
  • Underline Underline the selected text
  • Subscript Using this feature to subscript selected text
  • Superscript Using this feature to superscript selected text
  • Align Left, Center, Right or Full Align your selected paragraph or text according to the above description
  • Outdent / Indent Work with the indentation either positive or negative (like tabulation)
  • Font SizeUse other font sizes from 8-36pt
  • Text Color Set different text color on selected text
  • Unordered list (Bullets) Make an unordered list with bullets like this list
  • Ordered list (1,2,3,4) Create and ordered list using numbers 1,2,3,4…..
  • Horizontal ruler Insert a horizontal ruler in your text
  • Spell checker Last but not least the ability to Spellcheck your document to minimize spelling and keyboard errors

All these new features should make you able to edit and maintain your favorite Resume fast and easily. Should you want more capabilities please let us now at theteam[at] or use our contact form here.

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