Does privacy really matters with your CV

Does privacy really matters – it does for Microsoft and Europol – and for Comoto ?

At CES in 2010 Microsoft put new emphasis on your browser privacy – especially how misuser’s can be tracking your information (identity-theft) and how you can control your web privacy better (more here).

Europol have also made 3 new reports public that emphasize that the Internet threat is not only very evident – it is also increasing (more here). In other words privacy matters – take control of your information.

You have probably also heard the problems Facebook have had with privacy matters some time ago, even Google have had their issues with privacy (Street View in Google Maps). Users on the Internet are demanding more privacy or you could say that they want the freedom to choose their own privacy level.

That is exactly what we are trying to do at Comoto – let you, the owner of the data, choose your own privacy level. We have always been keen of ensuring that you have full control of your CV after all it is data about you and it is your data. You can control who can see what and when. You are in full control with a line by line setting of the privacy surrounding your CV. You can even make a CV / Web / Online profile password protected, so that only people having that specific password will be able to see your Web Profile. An remember you have the opportunity to have multiple CV’s, each with their own privacy seetings.

We are trying to safeguard your privacy, for your sake. So take full control over your CV and sign-up for your own CV manager here.

Manage and share your online profile on the web and in your printed CVs

Manage and share your online profile on the web and in your printed CVs

online profile

“A Comoto Web Profile – online profile – is easy to update and can be shared directly with  employers, colleagues or friends. With your privacy settings you always keep full control of who can see what.”

online profileFree CV Templates versus Online Profile

You need a CV in Word or PDF format but don’t know how to start? Choose from one of our professionally designed CV templates and export your CV with just a click. If necessary you can quickly change templates depending on the occasion and your audience.

Keep your Information Safe and Secure

By adjusting the privacy level of each information entered into your ComoProfile, you can easily choose which information is being displayed and to whom. By hiding your name you can also look for a new job without your current employer knowing it.

Comoto Web Profile: Your online CV

Comoto Web Profile: Your online CV.

Get your personal online CV with a unique customized URL. Simply send this URL to a recruiter to share your Comoto Web Profile and automatically update them with CV changes and most up-to-date information!

You can use this URL on any website, blog, online application form, job portal, business card.

Add this link to your printed CV and make sure that people always have access to your complete and updated CV.

The Comoto Team