Use your new Google+ profile as an interactive CV

Google+ Profile

We have previously – for instance with Facebook – seen a Social Network being used as an interactive CV. With this guide you can use Google+’s new social network features to create an online and interactive CV profile – simply by following the easy steps in this post. Remember that the innovative Comoto Team came first again, exclusively for you.

This guide explains how to create the Google+ CV manually, but we are working on a solution were you can create the necessary 4-5 image files with the Comoto CV Builder. We will be adding an easy feature to export your CV template as image files. We will make a follow up post when we launch the export feature.

Use your Google+ profile as an interactive CV

To get a feeling of the look and feel of this feature and how it could be done please have a look at the profile below. (you can try it out here)

Now that you have had a look at how it works let’s get back to the guide. The overall idea behind this “hack” is to create images that are wider than they are tall – a good image ratio will be 1200×600 – then fill these images with information from you CV. Creating a picture with these dimension will create an image where the part of the image being visible in the photostrip on your Google+ profile will be the center 600×600 pixels of that image (just reduced in size, down to 125×125). When pressing the small image the entire image will be visible, and voila you have an interactive CV or Resume on your Google+ profile.

The result of pressing the “CV Summary” image in the above Google’ profile, is that it will show an image as seen in the image below.

The images visible in the image strip in Google+ have a size of 125×125 pixels. For you to create a perfect image and have the illusion of an interactive CV you need to work with these numbers.

You can just use the standard image sizes we have used here, put you can also play with the image sizes and try out alternative numbers. With the size of 1200×600 you will have a sidebar of 300 pixels on each side of the center of the image where you can put CV related information. Most people today have a screen size bigger than 1200×600 so when viewing this size of image, there will be no cropping or resizing, so the illusion of an interactive CV in your Google+ profile will be complete.

In our example we have made the following images CV Summary, Work Experience, Education and Languages and Recommendations, there is still one missing to be used as the photo-strip includes 5 pictures.

After you have created the images with your data you simply upload them by entering your Google+ profile and upload the created images. We recommend to upload the pictures in the sequence you want them shown. (You can modify the photo-strip afterwards but that can be a bit tedious).

If you have question or want to share your newly created Google+ CV with the world, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via our contact page (here) for further info and/or sample files on this Google+ “hack”.

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  1. Ashly Thomas says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the invitation for Google+
    Wish You all success in your job.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Corinne says:

    Hi Comoto team,

    I would also like to sign up for Google+ account, could you please add me through my gmail account?
    Thank you all, and wish you a very nice day from France!


  3. Lucien says:

    It would be great if the picture was updated on-line with my Comoto profile, I know it’s possible to create script within pictures (at least with php it is possible)

  4. gena says:

    I recently signed up for Google +, and am looking for options for an interactive resume function on my blog at

    Can this be embedded on a blogs style sheet?

    • admin says:

      Hi Gena,
      We actually have an interactive plugin for personal blogs in the pipeline for development, please signup for our newsletter if your not already receiving this, then you will be informed when it is ready.
      Best regards
      Thomas S. Frosch
      CEO @ Comoto

  5. Majid Zeraat pisheh says:

    Dear Sirs,
    thanks for invitation, it was really great,
    I would like to know how could i find a job in international market wit reasonable sallery. do you think you could help me?
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  6. Carmen Junco says:

    Good Morning!
    Nice app for us!!! Thanks a lot.
    I have a question… what happen with the view of our cv?
    Everybody can see my cv around the world? I mean, it´s public???

    • admin says:

      Hi Thomas,
      G+ should be either at the buttom of each post or in the sidebar…
      Try have a look again….
      The Comoto Team

  7. Jeremy says:

    Hi Comoto,
    Nice post, i wouldt love to try it, but i am not able to signup for the Google+ account, wouldt it be possible to get an invite from you Comoto people. Or is it not possible to send invites to other users.
    Best regards
    Jeremy Smith

    • Comoto says:

      Hi Jeremy,
      We have received the invite in the following way. Someone in our network was able to get an invite to Google+ and he added us (a user which had a gmail account) to a circle and then he shared some info with that circle and thus we were able to create a user within Google+. Please just send an email to with your gmail email adresse and we will add you to a circle and you should be able to get in….. 🙂
      Best regards
      The Comoto Team

    • June says:

      Hello, all this seems interesting, I am up to date with all the data on Google plus as it is part of my job too. Yet I don’t have an account =/
      Can I have an invitation too?

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